Financial Literacy. As Easy as A.B.C.

November is Financial Literacy Month in Alberta. Invest in your knowledge so you can invest with confidence. It’s as easy as ABC.

Learn the Basic Financial Concepts

Learning the basics of finance is as easy as ABC – Always Be Conscious of what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from when investing. A little knowledge goes a long way. Watch this video to learn about compound interest, diversification, risk vs. reward and more.

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Do You Know Your Financial ABCs?

Take our quick and easy quiz to see how well you understand what to do when it comes to your finances.

Types of Investments

While it can seem like there are as many different kinds of investments as letters in the alphabet, they’re all essentially variations of only five types. Just like vowels. Learn the AEIOU of investment categories.

FAQs About the ABCs

When it comes to protecting and growing your money, most people have lots of questions. Here are some answers.

More Resources

There’s a lot more than the ABCs to financial literacy. In fact, our handy glossary goes all the way to Y. Here are some building blocks you can use to build up your investment IQ.