Whether it’s Santa Claus in the summer or someone enjoying their music a little too much in a public place, you know odd when you see it. It comes naturally. It’s easy. But can you spot fraud just as easily? Chances are, you can’t – and that’s where we come in.

When it comes to making wise investments there’s nothing more important than learning how to spot fraud by learning the red flags of investment fraud.


Put yourself to the test and decide if these situations are odd, or more importantly, fraud.

Trading Your Bus Pass For A Pair of Water Skis?


Unless you’re a lifeguard, this is 100% odd.

From your commute to your investments, sometimes sticking to the basics is the best bet.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Odd out in the world is a-ok. Odd in your finances, not so much. Whether you’re looking to learn about the basics of financial literacy or more complex topics, we’ve got a wealth of information designed to help money money make sense.

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A website selling something called binary options


It could be fraud

Although it's "creative" grammar and spelling may also count as odd if you ask us.

Financial Literacy

Know why odd is so easy to spot? Because you know what normal looks like. Safe investing works the same way: it all starts with knowledge. Explore our Financial Literacy section and learn what informed investing decisions look like.

A dog with pharmacy training


It's definitely odd

Unless he's claiming that as your best friend he can't be wrong - then that might be what's known as affinity fraud

Tools & Calculators

Tools & Calculators

A pharmacist dog is proof that with the right resources and training, you can do anything. Take advantage of our calculators, worksheets and quizzes to increase your financial literacy.

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A Promise of Free Lunch With an Investment Seminar


Quite possibly fraud

Especially if they are pressuring you to buy. That saying exists for a reason, after all.

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