Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re wondering how to check your adviser’s registration or just curious about RRSP contribution limits, we’ve got the answer. We’ve put together a list of Q&As based on frequently asked questions including, questions sent to us on social media in our recent #ASKASC campaign.

Which is better to start with, an RRSP or TFSA?
What is the difference between preferred and common shares?
What sort of regulation is there in Alberta for the emerging number of cryptocurrencies?
What’s a good way to teach children about money and investing for their future, including post-secondary education?
How can investing in stocks help prepare for retirement? What kind of risks should be considered?
What are the steps I should take to make sure I am investing with a good firm and or adviser?
Does investing with a registered salesperson/company guarantee that I what I am investing in is not a scam?
Why is diversification important?
How is the ASC funded?
Will TFSAs be taxed as income?
How do I report suspected insider trading?
I want to reduce my chances of losing money to a fraudulent investment. How do I know which ones are legitimate?
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