Protect seniors from financial abuse and investment fraud

Alberta’s population is aging. By 2031, when the last of the baby boomers reach 65 years of age, it’s projected that there will be almost one million seniors in the province – which means about one in five Albertans will be a senior. Seniors also tend to have accumulated assets or retirement funds, and con artists see this as an opportunity.  Unfortunately, the natural aging process can leave them vulnerable to fraudulent or unsuitable investments.

Scam artists prey on seniors by exploiting their worries and dreams about retirement, leaving a legacy for their families, and outliving their savings.

Did you know? Financial abuse is one of the most frequently reported forms of elder abuse in Alberta.

Mabel’s fraud testimonial

Despite being cautious and experienced, Mabel was pressured into making an investment she never had a good feeling about. Watch Mabel describe her experience of losing her investment to a con artist.

Tools to protect seniors from fraud

The ASC has developed a collection of senior-focused resources to help seniors, and the people close to them learn ways to spot and stop elder financial abuse.

Learn more about how to protect yourself

When it comes to investing, you can never have too much information. Explore our investor protection section to learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud.